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Did you know that every toothbrush you have ever sent to landfill still exists! It is quite shocking but it takes 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to decompose and will release chemicals as they do so.


In the UK if we each use one toothbrush every 3 months we will dispose of approximately 200 million toothbrushes each year.


This is a simple step you can take. Have you tried a bamboo toothbrush? These brushes are made of a material that regrows incredibly quickly, some species have even been recorded as growing over 90cm in 24 hours!

The bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties so is resistant to mold.

Once it is no longer suitable for brushing teeth it can be sterilised in boiling water to be used at home with cleaning tasks or even as plant markers.

To dispose of you just remove the bristles and pop them in your recycling (as they are small they should be added to another plastic container or they can be kept together with a blob of glue). The bamboo brush can be added to the garden waste bin or composted at home although this will take about 3 years to decompose.

This has to be a better solution to sending out plastic brushes every 3 months? Have you made this change already?

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