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My name is Fabienne and I started 52 Small Steps back in 2019 as a way of holding myself accountable for making changes to my environmental footprint following a New Year's resolution.

I thought if I could make one small change each week I would make a massive change to mine and my families lifestyle over a year without having to make a dramatic pledge straight away.

Through looking at my impact I have become involved in a number of really interesting projects and part of a great local eco community...


Scoop and Scales is a Co-operative refill shop with an aim of reducing food waste and single use plastic. I was lucky enough to become involved from the start and am able to help as a director.

Through Transition Bollington I received a grant to set up Terracycle recycling bins in each of the local schools. This allows the school communities to collect hard to recycle plastics and pass them onto One Project Macclesfield who sort and send off the waste to raise funds for charities such as Kicks Count.

Bollington Borrowers.png

Along with a fantastic team of volunteers we have set up a library of things for the local community to access on a Pay As You Feel basis. We have a range of items from DIY tools, kitchen gadgets, childrens kit to camping equiptment and wheelchairs.

Through all these experiences I often chat with people about steps they are taking and how to make a difference, this has reignited my passion for creating 52 Small Steps. I hope you can join me!

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