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Are you still using shampoo in Plastic Bottles? There are so many benefits for just a simple swap, could you make this small step this week?


There was a 2009 study by The Institute of Engineering which concluded liquid soap has a 25% larger carbon footprint than bar soap.


Often shampoo is up to 80% water so as a bar is a concentrated version it can last from 80 to 100 washes - this is 3 lots of 250g bottles!


One lorry carrying these bars is the same as 15 lorries worth of bottled liquid shampoo.


It’s not only in lorries they save space, they are perfect travel companions compared to a large plastic bottle, just pop one in a tin and away you go.

Usually bar shampoo comes wrapped in cardboard boxes or recycled tissue paper great for popping on your compost heap or in your recycling.

You may find a shampoo bar a bit more expensive than a bottle of shampoo but it lasts so much longer it is cheaper overall. When I first started using them a few years ago there weren’t many cheaper options but today there are plenty out there.

Often the brands that are striving to reduce plastic packaging are also concerned about making natural products with no harsh chemicals that strip your hair or use animal testing or palm oil.

The transition to bar soap can take a couple of washes to settle down as your hair gets used to the more gentle wash but once you have your ideal bar shampoo there is no going back!


Below are the Shampoo bars I have tried and liked along with recommendations from people on the 52 Small Steps Facebook page. Links and prices below.…/  £3.45…/har/gcid=1933975&v=79cba1185463 £8 £9.50…/p…/rose-quartz-shampoo-bar £5.99 £8

Friendly Shampoo bar - £2.30 £5.99

If you can't make the swap to a shampoo bar could you try a refill bottle?

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