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Search Engine - Ecosia

This week’s step you can do right now!

A normal search engine makes money by the top results being paid for by advertisers. Ecosia is a search engine which works in the same way but rather than the profits going into the owners pockets they plant trees where they are needed.

Over 108 million trees have been planted just through people searching on the Internet. One project Ecosia are involved in is to create corridors for chimpanzees in Uganda, this project is being run by the Jane Goodall Institute.

If the chimpanzees don’t persuade you how about this… Ecosia say they respect your privacy. They anonymize all searches after 1 week, they don’t sell your data, your searches are encrypted, they don’t use external tracking tools and you can turn off all tracking.

It couldn't be easier to make a difference on both your mobile and home computer.

You just need to go to your app store, download the app and set a widget or load on your home screen.

Start making a difference today...

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