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Reusable Nappies

Before a child is potty trained they will go through over 4,000 nappies. This is is 3 billion nappies per year in England and Wales which accounts for 2-3% of all household waste at 400,000 tonnes per year.

The Environment Agency reports that reusable nappies are up to 40% better for the environment. This is very dependent on how they are washed and dried, such as ensuring air-drying and washing a full load. This can increase with use by a second child.

Disposable nappies use 98% more raw materials than reusable.

'Eco disposable' nappies are also available and although they are better for the environment than standard disposables, they use the same amount of raw materials and follow the same waste stream. In Cheshire East this means they will be incinerated.

Your local council may have incentives for trying reusable nappies which you can check here...

You may also find a local "nappy library" here...

If you are local to Bollington, Macclesfield or Poynton there is an NCT nappy library run by volunteers. You can find their page at East Cheshire NCT Nappy Library they also have a private group you can join.


Reusable Nappy Week is 24th - 30th April this year – if you are considering trying cloth nappies there are often offers/sales this week so get planning!

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