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Natural Deodorant

Take a look at the deodorant or anti-perspirant you use. How much packaging does it have? How easily is it recycled? Does it use a propellant spray? Does it have a long list of ingredients that you aren’t quite sure what they are?

I don’t like to recommend a product unless I have used it and am happy with it.


The three Natural Deodorants I have tried are…


Fit Pit Woman natural deodorant - It comes in a glass jar that is 100% recyclable or can be returned for reuse and the owners ( donate 10% of their profits to projects against Climate Change. I love the Rosemary and Bergamot scent.


Carr Greens Natural Deodorant – – made locally in Lymm, Cheshire they have 2 unisex scents in tin pots and are stocked at Scoop and Scales.


Both the above options you just rub in a pea sized amount after showering and you are good to go.


Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant – - A more traditional stick option made from cardboard with 10p from each sale going to the Marine Conservation Society. I went with the Lemon and Rosemary scent and bought it from Holland and Barrett.


There are concerns over the chemicals used in deodorants and anti-perspirants such as aluminium and parabens; an organic natural option where you can recognise each ingredient must make you feel better too.


Unfortunately Natural Deodorants seem to be more expensive but not only is it better for the environment it is better than putting chemicals on your skin. Could you make the change to a Natural Deodorant?


There were lots of comments on social media with recommendations, they included...


Salt of the Earth Crystal - Plastic Free Deodorant | Crystal Deodorant | Salt of the Earth - which is a crystal that leaves an invisible layer of mineral salt on the skin to inhibit the growth of odour inhibiting bacteria. This is available in a cardboard box to avoid any plastic use only £4.85.


Soaps for little suds solid deodorant bar - Solid Deodorant Bar - Cherry and Melon - Soaps For Little Suds - also contain vegan friendly wax. £6 each

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