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Ethical Consumer

How do you make a decision on purchasing an item? How can you tell if the bank you are with is looking after your money in an ethical way? Are there any suppliers that you really should avoid? A great Small Step this week is to sign up to Ethical Consumer.


Ethical Consumer is an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operative with open membership, based in Manchester. They have been going for over 30 years.


They provide all the tools and resources you need to make choices at the checkout simple, informed and effective. By becoming an Ethical Consumer you can use your spending power to help change the world for the better.


For a subscription of £29.95 per year you can receive the Ethical Consumer magazine (6 per year come in the post and are accessible online) and receive full access to their shopping guides and company profiles along with discounts and helping fund their research and campaigns.


There is still lots of information on the website even if you don’t subscribe. The part that is very useful is the full score table under each subject which rates each item on different categories such as Environment, People, Animals, Politics, Product Sustainability and Company Ethos. You can still access the scores without subscribing but you get a much greater breakdown if you do.


Even in you decide the subscription isn’t for you do have a nosey around the website to read about how you can make a difference with your buying habits. Ethical Consumer: the alternative consumer organisation


I am not affiliated with Ethical Consumer I just really like their ethos, research and user-friendly website.

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