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Email Clean Up

According to 1 email emits on average 4g of CO2, this equals the carbon footprint of a low-energy light bulb turned on for 6 minutes. An email with a large attachment can release up to 35g of CO2. They also state 319,6 billion of emails were sent every day, in 2021.

Only 18% of newsletters are opened and a spam email has the same effect as a regular email, even if you don’t open it.

Digital Clean Up Day has just passed on the 18th March so why not take this step?

To help with the clean up I have used an app called CleanFox This app allows you to look through your email subscriptions and block and delete emails with a swipe.

You can view the number of emails received from the sender and the percentage opened to help decide if you fully block them, receive future emails but delete all existing emails or keep all emails and receive future messages.

IF you decide to give it a go please use code 46619DBA8E as CleanFox will plant 1m² of trees for every person referred.

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