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Contact your MP

I have just composed a letter to my local MP. If I am concerned about a local issue or I hear a national issue that I feel my MP should also be concerned about I will write.

Yesterday the news that the Climate Change Committee believes the UK is no longer a leader in climate issues has prompted me to write some letters. I have written about my concerns to my local MP, the Minister for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs and the Prime Minister. I am aware out of all of those letters I can probably only expect my Member of Parliament to personally read the letter and respond as I am in his constituency - I can but try though.

My MP has a responsibility to listen to his constituents. He may not agree with everything I say but he has to listen to my views and in the past I have found he has written considered responses to my letters – I may not always agree with them but they have definitely been well considered.

If you receive a blanket email, it is very easy to ignore and mark as read. If you receive a personalised, well-thought-out letter in the post you would be much more inclined to consider it and respond. I believe this is the case with writing to your MP and the advice is to send a letter in the post over an email.

I have heard (but can’t find any sources for) each letter an MP receives is considered to be the opinion of a larger number of his constituents as the majority of people will not write. As such an individual letter may carry more weight than just being one person writing to their MP.

Do you have any local issues you could/should contact your MP about?

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