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Safety Razor

Statista Research Department states in 2019, an estimated 5.5 million people used disposable razors in Great Britain. Each of these users would be using multiple razors each year and each of these razors will probably have been supplied in plastic packaging or blister packs. Even if people use the replaceable cartridge heads they are unable to be recycled as the metal is fixed into the plastic.


A safety razor is a zero-waste option as even the double-edged blade can be recycled. You just need to set up a way to collect your old blades at home. You could do this by buying a blade bank, these can collect up to 100 blades and then the whole container goes in the recycling. Alternatively, you could use a tin can to the same effect. You could check with your local authority but this would then need to be added to the scrap metal collection point at the recycling centre rather than the curbside collection.


Not only is a safety razor a great alternative for the environment it will save you money too. A razor has an initial purchase of around £17 but replacement blades are as low as £1.80 for 10 blades.


I bought one last year ( and was initially quite nervous about using it as I think disposable razor adverts show lots of safety bars on razors on the many blades. So far (touch wood) I have not had an issue and in fact find it a smoother finish. Not to mention how beautiful my rose gold razor is!


I remember in the July 2020 newsletter from Scoop and Scales there was an article about them from a male perspective...


If you still can't make the swap Terracycle announced a free recycling envelope for disposable razors and blades... The Gillette® Recycling Envelope | TerraCycle® UK · TerraCycle


Are you still using disposable razors? Could you make this swap?

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