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Refill Stores

A refill shop buys in bulk and then customers bring their own containers to take home their products which reduces the number of individual containers or plastic bags used.

As you probably know I am involved with the local co-operatively run Scoop and Scales. It is now a new refill shop in Macclesfield whose aim is to reduce waste while providing good quality, competitively priced, ethically sourced products.

I thought it would be remiss of me to not feature refill stores as this week’s small step as Scoop and Scales opened with regular hours from Saturday (previously we have run a member’s buyers club and pop up events).

At Scoop and Scales we have over 100 products including items such as pasta, rice, spices, breakfast cereals, lentils, flour, gluten free items, snacks, soaps, cleaning products and toiletries. We are run as a profit for purpose co-operative.

Is there a store near you that you could visit to try to reduce your waste? They are popping up all over I bet you have one you could visit.

Stores local to me include… Scoop and Scales in Macclesfield The Good Life Heatons in Heaton Mersey Day Zero in Buxton Em's Easy Eco in Brahall Goodness Zero Waste in Urmston

How do I use a refill shop?

Firstly a refill shop will be used to people coming who haven't used them before so will be more than happy to help with the process but here are two pics that may help..

When I popped down to Scoop and Scales to do a refill shop I took a very random assortment of containers (tip - make a note of what you plan to put in each container).

I had sainsbury produce bags, lovely tupperware, takeaway containers, ice cream tub, cereal bags and a zip lock cheese packet! I also ended up using some of their compostable paper bags available.

Photos from Scoop and Scales provided by the talented Kate Scott Photography.

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